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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a custom order?
Yes, we're here to help with special orders, pallet sized orders and general questions. Please, fill out the form, so we can call you as soon as possible and assist you with your purchase. Examples of custom products are: DULCE DE LECHE ICE CREAM - PIE TOPPING - CAKE FILLING - TRUFFLES FILLING - CAKE DECOR - PASTRIES FILLING - CANDY BARS - ICE CREAM TOPPING - FRUITS CHOCOLATE COVER - ICE CREAM CHOCOLATE CHUNKS, ETC. Get in touch with us through the form to create a delicious product with your brand and our expertise.
What products can I buy wholesale?
All our products are available to be purchased wholesale:
Dulce de Leche Premium
Dulce Leche Pastry
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Base
Dulce de Leche Multipurpose
Dulce de Leche Topping
Semi sweet Ganache
White chocolate Ganache
Semi sweet chocolate chunks
White chocolate chunks
Sugar free Coating Chunks
How much do I have to purchase to be considered wholesale? How do I place a big order?
After 400 Lbs. it is considered a Wholesale order. If you want to purchase a big quantity (wholesale) of Dulce de Leche/Chocolate, we invite you to fill out the form so we can call you as soon as possible and assist you with your purchase. If you prefer to call us directly, you can contact us at (786) 913-0379
Where can I see the Wholesale price of the product?
The price per unit will vary according to the size of the order, for that reason, if you want to buy Wholesale (more than 400 Lbs), please contact a customer representative and he/she will be happy to provide you with that information.
How many pails of Dulce de Leche fit in a pallet?
A Pallet can contain:
- 150 pails of 11lbs.
- 80 pails of 22lbs.
- 36 pails of 55lbs.
How much does a pallet with Dulce de Leche weights?
Pallets with pails of 11lbs weight 1850lbs
Pallets with pails of 22lbs weight 1900lbs
Pallets with pails of 55lbs weight 2100lbs
How many pails/boxes of Chocolate fit in a pallet?
A Pallet of Chocolate Ganache or Hazelnut can contain 150 pails of 10lbs or 80 pails of 18lbs.
A Pallet of Chocolate coating can contain 150 boxes of 10lbs or 80 boxes of 20lbs.
How much does a pallet with Chocolate products weights?
Pallets with pails of 10lbs and 18lbs weight 1600lbs
Pallets with boxes of 10lbs and 20lbs weight 1700lbs
Which are the sizes of the Pallets?
Pallets containing Dulce de leche products are 40x48x40
Pallets containing Chocolate products are 40x48x50